All-on-4 Treatment Journey

Following a thorough consultation and analysis, if All-on-4 is right for you,
this typical journey will be followed.

Prior to Surgery

Pre-op – Impressions of your teeth and/or gums, photographic analysis, cosmetic planning, 3-D computer imaging and planning. We also take into account your input and aesthetic preferences.


Week of surgery

  • First Day:
    • Diseased teeth, if present, are removed and the jaw bone is prepared for the All-on-4 Plus technique
    • Dental implants are placed (usually four for one jaw) in strategically pre-designed positions
    • A preliminary design of your new teeth is tried in for photographic and clinical assessment.

  • Second Day:
    • Your new teeth are tried in onto the implants, in wax setup which can be adjusted.
    • Small changes are made to optimise function and cosmetics, and you take part in the fine-tuning process, making sure you are happy with your new smile.

  • Third/Fourth (Final) Day:
    • Your new All-on-4 Plus smile is attached to the dental implants – no dentures, no plates, no waiting.

*Three to four day treatment and bone graft-free treatment is possible in many but not all cases. The All-on-4 method is one of multiple implant techniques used to restore full sets of teeth, and is not suitable for everyone. Suitability is based on a comprehensive assessment and consideration of other treatment options. Patients may wish to seek a second opinion prior to embarking on any treatment. All surgical procedures carry risks and equal results cannot be guaranteed.

Following Surgery

Antibiotics are taken and a mild analgesic (pain medication) may be used if required in the first few days after surgery. However, many patients report little to no discomfort in the days following their surgery.

Even though you can walk out biting an apple without any discomfort, we advise a strict liquid-soft diet to be followed for two or three months, while the implants maximise their integration into the jaw bone. Our registered nurse will give you her recommended recipes for great nutrition during this period. After three months you can return to a normal diet.

Results with All-on-4 Plus: See some of the results we have achieved for our All-on-4 Plus patients. Photos are provided as examples only and are not indicative of any guaranteed results for your individual circumstances.

For any surgical based procedure, please refer to our Disclaimer.

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