Oral Surgery

Our Approach to Oral Dento-Alveolar Surgery

The professional team at Perth Implant, Surgical and Sedation Dentistry ensures you receive care, understanding, and personalised treatment in a spacious, calm and relaxing environment to put you at ease during any oral (dentoalveolar) surgery.

We understand that the thought of oral (dentoalveolar) surgery, especially wisdom teeth removal, may cause anxiety for some patients. Whether for minor oral surgery, or to get several procedures completed in a short time, we can advise on the suitability of IV sedation or sleep dentistry.

Patients have chosen to use IV sedation or sleep dentistry at out clinic during oral (dentoalveolar) surgery, general dentistry, wisdom teeth removal and cosmetic dentistry procedures involving gum sculpting, crowns, porcelain veneers or bridgework.

Our Perth dental clinic is well established as a sleep, surgical and implant dentistry centre of excellence.

We recommend sleep dentistry, where appropriate, to put you at ease and make any oral (dentoalveolar) surgery procedures more comfortable. We have qualified staff and a fully equipped clinic where you can undergo procedures, professionally monitored, while relaxing in a ‘twilight’ sleep.

For extreme cases, if we are unable to assist, patients are referred to a suitable specialist.

Our Experienced Dentists

You are in experienced hands when you consult the professional team at Perth Implant, Surgical and Sedation Dentistry for oral (dentoalveolar) surgery and related dental treatments.

All dentists at our Perth practice hold (non-specialist) registration as general dentists and are graduates of the University of Western Australia.

Practice principal Dr Misagh Habibi restricts his practice to implantology and oral (dento-alveolar and periodontal plastic) surgery. He is an educator and researcher in this field. Dr Habibi has been awarded a Master Degree (MSc) in oral implantology and a fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is director of the Dental Implant Education and Training Institute and is a Board-endorsed sedation provider.

Dr Vivian Mascarenhas brings extensive post graduate experience and training in dental implants and minor oral surgery to the practice. Dr Sean Heah brings additional training and expertise in oral surgery (Postgraduate Diploma). These providers contribute to our strong service offering in the areas of minor oral surgery (such as wisdom teeth removal), dental implants and sleep dentistry.

Dr Rashmi Patel, a registered GP anaesthetist, joins Dr Habibi in providing IV sedation services at the clinic. All IV sedation (sleep dentistry) is administered by either Dr Habibi, Dr Patel or, on occasion, visiting endorsed sedation providers, appropriately qualified medical professionals or anaesthetists.

Dental Implants

Perth Implant, Surgical and Sedation Dentistry provides an advanced approach to dental implant treatment. Dental implants are artificial teeth secured in the jaw that look, function and feel like natural teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, badly damaged teeth, unsightly and annoying partial dentures/bridgework, or for a full mouth reconstruction.

Modern implant therapy is often the best solution to give you back something to eat with and smile about. In more involved cases, restoration involving augmentation or grafting procedures and oral (dentoalveolar) surgery may be required to prepare the mouth and jaws for implants, or to give the gums around implants a natural appearance.

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